Action for Animals

(via 500px / Pequeño Benji by Ivana Locardel)


New article up. Remember, palm oil really shouldn’t be considered vegan. I know it’s not an animal product, but honestly, veganism isn’t just some “check yes or no is this from an animal” fad diet. Veganism is an ethical philosophy strongly concerned with the well-being and freedom of animals, and that philosophy is directly opposed to the use of palm oil.

So, yeah, that means no Oreos guys, sorry.


(via 500px / Hippo Portrait 3 by Stéphane ROY)

Doting Doe by Seth Patterson on Flickr.


"We got out of the car to stand closer to the fence and look at the cages, barren and so far away from the forests from which the monkeys were kidnapped and torn away from their families. We heard a monkey scream, and I felt the cry reach inside me and tear me apart in a way that still makes me feel numb in knowing that I can’t even begin to imagine the terror that the monkeys experience—and in knowing that the terror has just begun for them.”